Voters Aren’t Happy With Their Choices for Governor



Narragansett, RI- (September 19, 2022) - What’s Up Newport Reports that there was lackluster turnout for the Democratic and Republican Primaries held last Tuesday.

Even after the candidates spent over $11.2 Million on the primary campaigns, there was still a low turnout compared to recent years. What does that tell you? That voters aren’t happy with their choices. But there’s another choice--- It’s time for a change and to bring vitality back into our State and our Government- Independent candidate for Governor Zach Hurwitz.

From the start Zach has stated that he wants to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans… to end the divisiveness that we continue to experience across the political spectrum. People over Party has been his mantra… and not surprisingly, Candidate Kalus has now begun to tout that same message… If she was really a People Over Party candidate, she would be running as an Independent, not a GOP-backed Republican. Reports of her loaning her campaign over $2.7 MM so far are incredulous. Imagine what those dollars could’ve done to help Rhode Islanders to improve their quality of life and to support programs and non-profits in our State. It would be interesting to see how much she has donated to worthy RI causes and organizations over the brief 6 months she has lived in the State or if she has volunteered to help the neediest Rhode Islanders.

Zach doesn't have the millions to spend on his campaign. But what he does have and what he has been able to do is to volunteer his time and support the State that he loves… most recently for Save the Bay, the Rhode Island Blood Center, and for Habitat for Humanity. He has always supported those organizations, among others, and will continue to do so when elected. Candidates can always throw money at their campaign in order to get votes, but it is nothing compared to getting your hands dirty and helping Rhode Islanders who need it most.

Zach understands that some people simply won’t vote for him because of his age, and that’s unfortunate. But if voters can put age aside and take a look at his plan for Rhode Island, hopefully they’ll see that his plan for Rhode Island has merit and makes sense.

Although not in the race any longer, one of Helena Foulkes’ goals was increasing the RICAS scores that have decreased since the beginning of the pandemic. Zach embraces her commitment to increasing those scores had she been elected and committing to one term of 4 years in office if scores didn’t rise. Zach will commit to the same promise. One term if the scores don’t increase. Education is critical for our students and Zach is committed to making a difference and being held accountable.

Zach promises to help Rhode Island become more beautiful than ever, to improve the quality of life for ALL Rhode Islanders, and he’ll do it by being an enthusiastic Governor, with a good plan for the State, surrounded by experts in their fields, and by listening to the People of Rhode Island. He is not a career politician, and certainly not a candidate with a limitless amount of money. He’ll do it because he cares.

Zachary Hurwitz for Rhode Island Governor, 2022.


Twitter: @zach4gov

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