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July 29, 2022
Mr. David “Jonesy” Mann
Re: Open Letter on Transportation in Rhode Island
Dear Mr. Mann

Thank you for taking the time to author and send me the thoughtful letter identifying the many important transportation issues facing Rhode Island and suggestions on how to address them. If I am fortunate enough to become the State’s 77th Governor, I look forward to working with you and the listed 36 organizations and other nonprofits in developing a feasible and viable transportation plan for the 21st Century that will benefit all Rhode Islanders for decades to come. I applaud you and the 36 organizations’ efforts in bringing these issues the attention they deserve.

Addressing air pollution in RI will be a priority in my administration. Establishing actionable milestones that include reducing emissions by increasing the incorporation of clean vehicle transportation infrastructure throughout the State (e.g., electric vehicles, decarbonized fueled vehicles like biofuel), increasing access to public transportation (e.g., bus and rail), increasing and developing access to non motorized transportation (e.g., bike and walking sidewalks and paths) would assist in reducing and preventing health issues while reducing the State’s carbon footprint.

Everyone should feel safe when walking or biking to their local market, to school, or to the bus stop. Focusing on the repair of existing, while expanding sidewalks, bike and walking paths, will allow for a safer environment and increased ease-of-access to public transportation. Encouraging and/or incentivizing other forms of non-motor vehicle transportation will provide alternative options for all Rhode Islanders, especially those in urban communities.

To allow major business centers to expand, like the Quonset Business Park, I would be in favor of fully funding the current RIPTA Pilot Program for commuters along with other major State business hubs. On the local level, creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for businesses where parking isn’t the priority, will encourage economic growth in local business districts.

Rhode Islanders need a Governor who will fight for everyone in the State. My objective is to bridge the gap between parties -- ‘Policy Over Party,’ and work with everyone, regardless of how they politically identify themselves. Now is the time to seek change in how we will address these important issues.
I look forward to meeting you and the other leaders from these signing organizations in the near future to discuss how we can help all Rhode Islanders.

With best regards,
Zach Hurwitz
Independent Candidate for RI Governor

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