Zachary Hurwitz For RI Governor


September 5, 2022

For Immediate Release-

Narragansett, RI – With the recent decision by the US Supreme Court, many people have become fearful that their individual rights are jeopardized. Abortion has long been a contentious issue and divides many Americans, including Rhode Islanders, along partisan, ideological, and religious lines. In 2019, the legal right to abortion was codified into Rhode Island law by passage of the Reproductive Privacy Act, which 71% of the Rhode Islanders who answered a poll supported. I will make sure that this Act continues in my administration, to protect our citizens and our medical providers. Further access to contraception, as well as more in-depth education to students about reproductive health, could prove useful in decreasing the number of accidental pregnancies within our state. I will encourage and support these efforts for the betterment of Rhode Island.

What can we do? First, we must protect and be respectful of a women’s right to choose as well as protecting clinicians who provide care for women. Next, we can reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies through mandating health plans to cover contraceptives and improving the quality of reproductive education for students. I will encourage and support education and the offering of counseling services to women and couples to explain all of their options if they are considering termination of a pregnancy. I believe that a women’s right to choose should be respected and a medical provider should be protected from unfair prosecution for providing patient care based on their training, licensing, and in accordance with State Laws.

Reproductive rights continue to be a controversial issue in our State. When elected to office, I will work hard on behalf of all Rhode Islanders to bridge the gap in such a divisive topic, to support and protect women’s rights and the healthcare professionals who provide their care.

I will make sure that RI is the best State to live and visit!

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