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August 24, 2022

For Immediate Release-

Zachary Hurwitz For RI Governor


Narragansett, RI – The State continues to face inflation, rising interest rates, rent, and home prices. There are many people in our State who are struggling, and I am here to help.

What can we do? Supporting small businesses to keep money in our communities as well as creating programs focused on helping workers. There is also a need for an infrastructure where we can build and provide affordable housing to those in need. By implementing new tax policies and offering incentives, we can better serve the people of RI and look forward to our future.

These may include:

  • · Create services and jobs to help families

o I will support needed infrastructure projects that will create jobs.

o Increasing available affordable housing opportunities.

o Supporting a reasonable paid family leave policy for RI Businesses.

  • · Investing in our communities

o This can be accomplished by creating services that benefit small and micro-businesses so that we can keep money in the local communities.

o Reinvesting tourism revenue into the local economies instead of toward expanded government.

o I will work with unions to ensure that employees are protected without discouraging investment from Companies and allows them keep competitive with those Companies outside of Rhode Island.

  • · Implement new tax policies

o Tax cuts for senior citizens and veterans

o Tax cuts for those working in occupations which are vital to our future and for keeping us safe. These include teachers, police, fire, and first responders, among others.

o Tax incentives for Companies that are actively working on projects that improve our State’s health and future— such as alternative energy, climate change, technology, and science.

The economy is a major priority and first on my list to address. I will make sure that RI is the best State to live and to visit!

Find out more at

Or you can follow me on Twitter (@zach4gov) and Instagram

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