Hi, I'm Zach


Hello, I'm Zach. I'm eighteen years old, and I am the youngest candidate to run for Rhode Island Governor. I've lived in Rhode Island for almost half of my life, and I have great pride in this state and what it could become. I'm currently in the University of Rhode Island Class of 2026, where I am majoring in International Studies and Diplomacy.

What I Stand For

The divide in our state between parties has grown to unprecedented proportions. We can see this in our schools, in our workplaces, and in our government. My hope is that as an Independent, I can work across party lines and bring more unity to our great state. I may be the youngest candidate running for office, but I believe that my youth can bring vitality to our government, to help make this state as beautiful as ever.


We Need to do Better.

Imagine for a second, you're in the third grade. You had a great time at school learning and playing with friends, and now it's time to come home. You take that classic yellow school bus down your street and have it drop you off near your house or apartment. As you walk your stomach rumbles, yearning for food. You open the door and rush to the kitchen, opening the cabinets and the fridge door, to find something to eat. You find nothing. While hunger may not seem like a difficult problem to solve in a state like ours, it is a big problem for almost 30,000 children. Overall, one out of every eleventh person in Rhode Island faces food insecurities every day. That is unacceptable. We need to do better. If elected, I promise to do everything I can to make sure that no child goes hungry, and that parents don't have to lay awake at night wondering how they are going to feed their sons and daughters. That is my promise to the Rhode Island people.

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